A new video shows people lined up by the multitudes to sign up for the new “World ID” identification system and according to Zero Hedge, hundreds of thousands of people in Europe have already had their eyeballs scanned and have been issued a “World ID”…



If reports are to be believed, the uptake in Spain, where the scheme first became available a year ago, is better than elsewhere – 150,000 participants in total, 20,000 new ones each day, and Barcelona is the place where a number of Orb scanners will be installed.

Portugal is not far behind, with 120,000 participants, and Germany is said to also be warming up to the project, ever since it started expanding two months ago. All in all, some 2 million “biometric credentials” are now operated by Worldcoin.

Ultimately, the goal is to “freely distribute tokens to all eight billion people on the planet”

The goal is simple and modest: To create a system that will, eventually, freely distribute tokens to all eight billion people on the planet, as a form of universal basic income (UBI).

But because the rise of AI will make it tricky to figure out who is human and who’s a digital fake, Worldcoin first needs to create a system that lets people — all people, across the globe — prove that they are in fact human beings.