Photos below show two military helicopters from Belarus entered Poland air space today, going UNDETECTED by Poland/NATO radar because they flew so low.  They flew about two kilometers through Poland, then returned to Belarus airspace.

Flying just above the tree line, the helicopters were photographed by persons on the ground inside Poland.


In fact, it wasn’t military radar which sounded the alarm, it was people on the ground telephoning local authorities to report “military helicopters with the Belarus flag on them, are flying over . . . . such and such . . . right now.”

The helicopters flew a route shown on the map below; the RED LINE is the route which violated Poland air space:

When authorities dispatched local police units which CONFIRMED the presence of Belarus military helicopters, the Poland military was notified.  Poland then told NATO, which stood-up troops, helicopters, and planes . . . but all of it was too late.   The two helicopters returned safely to Belarus without incident.

NATO got caught with its pants down.  Too little.  Too late.

If this was actual combat, which seems to be what NATO is seeking, a whole slew of NATO forces would already be dead.