Megyn Kelly’s interview with former President Donald Trump is making waves because of this nine-minute clip of her direct and pointed questioning about Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Trump, who was in office during the beginning months of the pandemic, had a lot to say on the matter.



The Fauci Factor

Megyn Kelly probed former President Donald Trump on his working relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Kelly questioned Trump on why he chose not to fire Fauci, given the doctor’s often divergent opinions and the criticism he faced from many Republicans.

Trump responded by saying he didn’t fire Fauci in part because the doctor had been in his position for a long time. Fauci was placed as the face of the White House’s coronavirus response but Trump asserted that Fauci’s role was “much less important to me.”

Trump recounted his firing of James Comey and others, drawing a contrast between them and Fauci. “But I was not a big fan of Fauci,” he added.

This contradicts what he told his supporters during the presidential election rallies he held across the country at the end of 2020 when crowds would cheer ‘Fire Fauci’ he alluded to the fact that it would be done soon which it never came to pass.




Kelly also mentioned the Presidential Commendations that was awarded to Dr. Fauci, Deborah Birx, Gen. Mark Milley among several others on the Operation Warp Speed team right before he left office but he vehemently denied that he ever gave such an award and suggests it could’ve been someone else that gave it to them even though it’s strictly considered a PRESIDENTIAL commendation which can only be given by him. 


Operation Warp Speed: A Mixed Legacy

When Kelly brought up the rush for vaccines through Operation Warp Speed, she declared, “That was on the vaccines they were rushed through. They have helped, but also hurt a lot of people.” He acknowledged that some people were hurt by the vaccines, yet stopped short of regretting the rapid development and dissemination of the vaccines nor does he mention any of the research and exposés that have come out showing that the injuries and deaths clearly support the fact this is the most deadly vaccine there has been as VAERS has documented this over the past few years.

He goes on to say that he never had vaccine mandates and was always against them and defends himself by mentioning that many democrats keep telling him he did such a great job on the vaccines and that he should be talking about them a lot more. 


The Hindsight Question

One of the interview’s most poignant moments came when Kelly asked Trump if he’d like a do-over on any of his decisions. Trump’s answer was a mixed bag of acknowledgment and defense. “Nobody knew what the hell it was,” he stated, referring to the virus. He argued that he had acted on the information available at the time, even shutting down travel from China — a decision he credits with saving “hundreds of thousands of lives.”

What is the most unsettling about his statements is that so much has been uncovered regarding the COVID Plandemic including that the Wuhan Virus did not originate in China but the development of the virus came from a research laboratory here in the United States. Not only that but it has been proven by researchers, podcasters, activist doctors and the like that Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Klaus Schwab from The World Economic Forum and other deep state players have known for a long time this Plandemic would roll out when it did as it has been documented with the Rockefeller’s Foundation Operation Lockstep and a simulation was even done during the Event 201 session led by the John Hopkins University and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.




Yet somehow Trump is ‘clueless’ to all these facts even though his own son Eric Trump attends many (if not all) Reawaken American Conferences along with Don Jr., General Mike Flynn and others on the Trump team where many anti-jab doctors and most speakers have gone at length into detail of the Covid scam. They even have a poster that shows all the speakers for each event and is labeled as “The Great Awakening” vs “The Great Reset” while showing faces of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and others. So it would appear that by Trump’s responses that he is very well aware of what we know yet remains silent and still promotes the deadly Covid Vaccine. He is not honest and should make every Republican voter very concerned for what the future might hold with another Trump administration that could potentially face another mandated vaccine and deadlier pandemic.



Megyn Kelly’s full interview with Donald Trump can be seen here: