The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) recently posted job openings for “risk management and security services for designated quarantine facilities in Ontario.” Specifically in Toronto, York and Halton, Ontario.

The job listing states that the contract will be valid from the time of acceptance until August of 2023. According to the PHAC website, security is available 24 hours at their quarantine facilities.

“There is 24-hour security onsite to ensure your safety, security and privacy.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian government established “Designated Quarantine Facilities” for Canadians returning home from travel who were unable to quarantine at home because of proximity with family members.

Hotels were generally used as quarantine facilities, with a few brand new buildings built around Ontario. Some travellers were forced by law and threat of major fines to stay in a facility until their isolation period was up. They had to do so at their own cost as well, which was around $300 per night. They were given food while at the facility.

According to the Canadian government, travellers are “required to remain in your room until you receive permission and a specific time to leave from a Quarantine Officer at the facility.”

With the Omicron wave well established and gone, and with the severity of COVID infection at an all time low, Canada is still holding these facilities in place – and intending on staffing them up until 2023.

While neighbouring countries like the United States are still not allowing unvaccinated foreigners to enter, similarly to Canada, they do not have quarantine facilities for their citizens.