Kremlin propagandist has issued the latest nuclear threat against the West regarding the war in Ukraine, warning that the U.S. could be in danger of a Russian missile attack.

Igor Korotchenko, editor of the newspaper National Defense and a regular guest on the Russia 1 channel where guests have repeatedly called for strikes against Ukraine’s allies, took exception to criticism of Russian conduct in the war.



“Russia is being warned and threatened that if we misbehave, or if in [NATO senior member for logistics] Ben Hodges’ opinion, we exceed what he considers to be the necessary permissible lines for the use of all types of Russian weapons, he threatens us with more than just strikes on the Crimean bridge,” Korotchenko said.

Korotchenko said that Hodges believed the U.S. might consider strikes on the bases of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and troops in Crimea, as well as strike Russian naval bases in Tartus, Syria.

Korotchenko believed these were “not just statements of a retired hawk” but also a concerted information campaign “designed to influence both us and a Western audience.”

While the U.S. is the biggest provider of military aid to Ukraine, it has taken pains to avoid direct confrontation with Russia and has made no threats of attacking the targets that Korotchenko referred to.

But Korotchenko said there should be a discussion about what will determine “the use and permissibility of tactical nuclear weapons what goals and what tactics we will use.”

“The most important message we should send to the Americans is that we will not wage war with you in Europe,” he said in a clip subsequently posted on X (formerly Twitter) by Ukrainian internal affairs adviser Anton Gerashchenko.

“In response to your attacks on Russian military or civilian facilities, the first strike will be a preventative limited strike against targets on the territory of the United States of America, ” he told the anchor of 60 Minutes, Yevgeny Popov. Last week, Russia announced that its Sarmat strategic missile system, which can reach the U.S., had been put on combat duty.

“Attention, United States!,” wrote Geraschchenko next to the video. “Russian propagandists threaten with nuclear strikes on U.S. territory.”

In response to Korotchenko’s comments, Hodges told Newsweek that the U.S. administration was “finally realizing that the likelihood of Russia using a nuclear weapon is extremely small.”

“Russia has been threatening nuclear strikes since the beginning. I take them seriously because Russia has thousands of nuclear weapons and because they clearly don’t care how many innocent people may die,” he said.

“But I think they realize that their nukes are actually most effective when they don’t use them. They see how we self-deter.”

“Crimea is the decisive terrain of this war,” said Hodges of the peninsula, which has seen a stepping up of attacks believed to be carried out by Kyiv—including the Kerch Bridge that links the occupied territory with the Russian mainland.

“Once Ukraine liberates Crimea, it is over. Ukraine knows they cannot ever be safe or secure or rebuild their economy as long as Russia occupies Crimea,” Hodges added.