Endless-seeming heat wave to keep broiling the southern U.S. this week

Endless-seeming heat wave to keep broiling the southern U.S. this week

The endless summer heat wave in the southern United States, now entering its third month, continues this week, scorching millions of Americans with record heat and high humidity. While portions of the Desert Southwest will see the searing heat ease ever so slightly early this week, it’s getting hotter along the Gulf Coast, especially in Louisiana and central to eastern Texas.

The week’s dangerous heat will focus on the Central and Southern Plains, the Lower Mississippi Valley and the Gulf Coast states where heat alerts were in effect Monday for more than 55 million people. Excessive heat warnings were issued for areas expecting the most extreme heat and humidity, covering northeast Texas, including Dallas; northern and southeast Louisiana, including New Orleans; southwestern Mississippi; and southeast Kansas.

New Orleans, a city accustomed to punishing levels of heat and humidity, could see some of its most extreme conditions on record with heat indexes over 115 degrees. Much of Texas, which is enduring a historically hot month, will roast for yet another week. According to The Washington Post’s heat tracker, Austin and Dallas will be the nation’s two hottest large cities this week, with heat indexes near or above 105 degrees all week.

“These temperatures and heat indices will pose a health risk to those without an effective cooling method and/or adequate hydration,” the National Weather Service said. “It is essential to have ways to cool down and limit your heat exposure.”

Numerous heat records, both for hot daytime high temperatures and warm nighttime lows, have fallen during the heat wave and more are expected this week. Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin are all forecast to challenge records Monday and Tuesday.