Are we to believe that some Fence Company had all this Fencing in stock and ready to be installed at the first of the year?

It had to be ordered at least 2 to 3 months in advance. Maybe longer out than that, a 7′ tall fence with welded sections is not a in stock item.


Ty, ShowCall Security Services, LLC. @ $132,507. That price would be more like per day for that amount of fencing, at Lease or Rental scale. Probably more around $500,000 per day, if they are renting it maybe more.

The real question is…who ordered the military in there and who is it protecting?

Is it to KEEP AND CONTAIN the DC criminals INSIDE the fence, or is it to protect the DC criminals inside (as they know they cheated on the election) from people coming IN after them?


 Yes, you are right, it IS cheap, because that’s only one of many contracts.

You can sort this list by clicking on the top columns. My guess is that it would fall under “Dept of Interior” and sub would be “National Park Service”

Here is the link I meant to post:



There’s only 2 things I know for certain about this subject:

1.) It was paid for by tax payers.
2.) Someone got kickback$ for the contract(s)

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