The headline change was originally called out by fellow New Yorker Julian Wan:

So what was wrong with the original headline, “Immigrants are now canceling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them” – well for one, it was fairly easy to understand that they were referring to “illegals,” rather than simply “immigrants,” doing something illegal.

A good parallel to this situation would be if someone broke into your house and managed to hide out there for weeks. Each day, they’d go through your pantry and eat all they could find. Then, one day, the criminal who broke in overhears your significant other turn to you and say, “Honey…. I think there is someone else in our house – stealing what we’ve stocked up…” The criminal might try and lay off your OJ and Nilla Wafers but keep hiding. If the Washington Post heard about the ordeal, they would probably print: “Harmless Household Intruders Going Hungry Because Selfish Family Might Find Them.”

Twitter was quick to jump on this laughably biased Washington Post headline (that was changed to be even more biased):

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