Blazing press is now offering our supporters and all freedom loving souls …..

 Mt. Trumpmore Figurine & paperweight.

For your donation of 10.00

Materials: Resin & Stone mix

Size: 3 1/2 in long x 2 1/2 in wide X 2 in tall



Its our mission to keep the fires of freedom burning! And in order to do this, we must have our time freed up to focus our fight for God and country. This will literally cause liberals heads to explode and will at the same time replenish our much needed and depleted operational funds. Its time to give the Blazing Press channel a much needed infusion of tangible support while at the same time helping to save puppy dogs, kitty cats, dolphins, penguins and … oh yea your kids futures as well! Join us in this noble cause and may God continue to Bless America and President Trump!