Trump is right once again. The fake news media is suppressing the truth about the Islamic terrorism in Sweden. Katie Hopkins, a global columnist for The Daily Mail appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss her trip to Sweden. 

Carlson – ” What did you expect to find and how did it differ than what you found?”

Hopkins – “I expected to find what a lot of people were saying, there is nothing wrong.  When I got there, it’s a very different story. Within 10 hours of landing, an assylum center was burned down, arson suspected, there was a hand granade planted in a bin. When I rushed to find out what was going on I was told, why politicize this. Why can’t it just be a hand granade in a bin. I thought who is the mad one here?”

Hopkins also spoke with women who are terrified to go outside.

Hopkins –  Speaking to the women there is a much quieter story this is not being told, which is women are frightened to go out. When I spoke to the ladies, they are terrified of the crime, they are terrified of the gangs.”

The fake news media continues to suppress the crises due to mass Muslim migration in countries like Sweden. Thankfully there are brave journalists like Katie Hopkins with integrity who seek out and report the truth!

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