The Trump administration says it plans on revoking Obama’s controversial bathroom bill executive order that forced schools to let students use bathrooms of their choice instead of according to their biological sex.

The decision, not yet announced, would reverse an Obama-era directive requiring public schools to let students use whichever bathrooms they choose regardless of their biological sex. Schools that did not obey the order would lose federal funding.

Gay and transgender rights advocates say it was necessary to protect students from discrimination, but many say the administration was strong arming the school system to push a LGBT agenda.

More than a dozen states sued the Obama Administration over the measure. Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick , who represents one of those states equated the order  to “blackmail” and said Texas was ready to forfeit federal education money rather than comply with the guidance.

Other critics argued the measure was clear government overreach and raised concerns about the bill being a threat to women’s and children’s safety in public restrooms.

The Trump administration will likely leave it up for the states to decide what kind of bathroom bills they will pass.

“The President has made it clear throughout his campaign that he’s a firm believer in state’s rights and issues like these are not best dealt with at the federal level,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday afternoon.

The White House is eager to roll out a comprehensive plan that both protects states and transgender students.

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