An angry mob hurled bottles at police cruisers during a tense, caught-on-camera standoff between cops and civilians in Harlem early Sunday.

The rowdy encounter — footage of which was posted on Instagram — shows at least three NYPD vehicles at Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and 132nd Street in the early morning hours, with dozens of people taunting police.

A blast of police sirens prompts the crowd to back up at the intersection, but moments later they unleash a shower of bottles and other debris, which is seen striking several police vehicles as some protesters are seen filming the scene on mobile phones.

The police vehicles slowly back up the block, with several protesters seen following them shouting at the cops as bottles continue to rain down.

The clash left the intersection littered with garbage and broken bottles — and angered some Instagram users.

“Look how dirty and filthy you have left this city like is this even right?” one poster said. “Like your destroying the world this is not a protest this is hate. I’m sorry this is not right….”

Video that appears to have been taken before the bottles started flying shows fireworks being shot off the top of a van.

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