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It’s been a divisive presidential election and it seems the cracks are continuing to widen even though it’s over.

Austyn Cunningham’s home is just north of Gonzaga Prep. He says he was not at his house Saturday night between 9 and 11 pm. But when he came home, he found a hole in his window, and inside, glass all over the floor and a rock in the middle of it.

“It made me a little angry. I have the right to display what my belief is on my property,” he says.

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Cunningham’s not sure who did it, but he is sure it was someone who doesn’t like Trump. That’s because, up until Sunday, Cunningham displayed a Trump/Pence 2016 sign outside his home.

“I don’t see why someone else would throw a rock through my window and not anyone else’s,” he says.

This isn’t the first act of vandalism though. Cunningham says four months ago, someone stole and ripped his sign. He eventually got it back. A neighbor found it in an alley. So now, after this, Cunningham hopes people will find a way to bridge this divide after this election season.

“Just be friendly with each other,” he says. “You don’t have to agree with everyone just respect what they believe in and I’ll respect what you believe.”

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