The United States military has transmitted an Emergency Action Message (EAM) of a staggering two hundred forty two (242) characters.

While completely IMPOSSIBLE to know the actual meaning of the transmission because the method of encryption does not permit deciphering, a message of this long length is a sign that something very serious has taken place or is about to.

The message string was transmitted over the Global High Frequency Radio System, monitored by ALL units of the US military, worldwide.





  • Paul Lambert · 5 hours ago
    Do any of you fellow monitor these transmissions regularly? What is being suggested here is a departure from how such numbers stations typically work and, if this is the case, it is unbelievably irresponsible in terms of security.

    I used to listen to plenty of numbers stations, especially the British “Lincolnshire Poacher”, the Israeli E10 alphanumeric broadcasts and the Cuban “Atencion!” station. They would always broadcast on a very fixed schedule and always the same number of code numbers or letters. If there was no message to convey to the intended recipients, the codes sent would (apparently) simply decode to “NO MESSAGE” and be followed by random gobbeldygook to fill the rest of the message to the fixed number of characters. No, it is not possible to decode these messages, since they are created using one-time pads, but the mere presence of an unusually long, short or off-schedule broadcast in and of itself suggests that something is afoot (hence this article), so the military and intelligence agencies of the world make sure that at least something is broadcast periodically and uniformly in order not to tip anyone off.


    • Copperhead · 3 hours ago
      I periodically listen to the EAMs with most messages around 30 characters. There are a bunch of test messages broadcast every day along with a handful of Skyking messages. The most active I’ve heard (and concerning) was when Trump was in NK. Those were the longest messages I’ve heard, but I wonder how many of those were actually disinformation. I also heard several a few weeks ago that appeared to be trying to contact someone that had gone off air unexpectedly. This is by far the longest message in my few years of listening.

    • His self · 4 hours ago
      You might want to start with the home page………..

  • His self · 12 hours ago
    It went out nine hours ago………..

    Something big to happen tomorrow.

  • MJ · 13 hours ago
    When we where about to attack Iran message was 160-180 characters. Hope for the best prep for the worst.
  • Joe Williams · 14 hours ago
    A U.S. B52 bomber has flown near or over russian airbase in Syria
  • Richard Radcliffe · 14 hours ago
    Who were the addresses on the message. This is as important as the text or even more so.
    • BriteRED · 12 hours ago
      It is radio op ……it goes out to Dragon ….. 4support …. Dirtdiver ….snakedoctor….
  • Charles Yearwood · 14 hours ago
    I still have 2 old SW radios for backup communications. What frequencies are we talking about here?
  • StandingWave · 15 hours ago

    Q ( is back with a simple message “RIG FOR RED”, whatever that means, and link to
    If you take two blue pills, will it undo the red pill?

    • Joe Williams · 15 hours ago
      How did Hal obtain this info since its classified.
      • Copperhead · 13 hours ago
        You can freely capture EAMs on 8892USB and 11175USB. used to log all EAMs until several months ago when they suddenly shut down the site.
        • Paul Lambert · 1 hours ago
          11175 kHZ coming in clearly.
        • Paul Lambert · 2 hours ago
          I will check them out. The SDR at the University of Twente is in Holland. I will cross my fingers for propagation.
      • NW · 15 hours ago
        Hf is public
        • Joe Williams · 15 hours ago
          If a nuclear bomb was about to hit us… youd think they would warn us…
          • BriteRED · 14 hours ago
            One would hope …….possibly via …..via Russias media ….not ours …….damn snakes
            • Joe Williams · 14 hours ago

              I read that fema stated..quote…”its easiervto clean up after than to warn beforehand”.
    • StandingWave · 16 hours ago
      Hal – Any information on what time this was issued?
    • Yvonne Bozich · 16 hours ago
      Stand fast in Christ Jesus…..fear not!

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