Two people have died after a terror incident that saw a police officer stabbed, and as many as a dozen people run over outside London’s Parliament building on Wednesday.

Police said a vehicle mowed down pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge, leaving more than a dozen with injuries described as catastrophic.

Around the same time Wednesday, a knife-wielding attacker stabbed a police officer and was shot on the grounds outside Britain’s Parliament, sending the compound into lockdown

London police confirmed there are a “number of casualties, including police officers.”

Sources told Sky News that up to three officers were injured.


Scotland Yard Commander BJ Harrington told reporters there are multiple injuries, including police officers, but said authorities “cannot confirm numbers or the nature of these injuries.”

“We received a number of different reports which included aperson in the river, a car in collision with pedestrians and aman armed with a knife,” he added.

He said a full counter-terrorism investigation is underway.

The threat level for international terrorism in the U.K. was already listed at severe. Wednesday was the anniversary of suicide bombings in the Brussels airport and subway that killed 32 people, and the latest events echoed recent vehicle attacks in Berlin and Nice, France.

Here is the first photo of the bearded terrorist.

ISIS supporters are praising attacks with shouts of Allahu Akbar.



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