FOX News analyst Catherine Herridge went on with Tucker Carlson to discuss the unprecedented Deep State leaks on General Mike Flynn.

Herridge said this was a top level Deep State leak. Only a select few had access to this information.

Catherine Herridge: The claim that they (Obama administration) never interfered with with a federal investigation, I would argue is patently false because throughout the Clinton email campaign what we saw from Mr. Obama were multiple public statements where he seemed to put his hand on the scale of justice…

…I think it is important for the people at home to know is some of the intelligence we talk about such as these transcripts between the former National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, and the Russian ambassador, I know some people who have gone 30 years in the intelligence community and they will never see an NSA transcript. That’s because it’s so closely held. So this was information at the senior most levels of the intelligence community that was leaked for what I would say was partisan purposesThe fact that that was leaked to reporters, that’s a threshold we have not crossed before.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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