White House Spokesman Sean Spicer lectured the mainstream media today on the Fake News Russia story — Media Erupts

Spicer lectured the elite media on the fake Russia story and the fake narrative they have been perpetuating.

The media didn’t like that too much.
They all started screaming.

Sean Spicer: It was interesting if you look at last week all of the sudden these stories that keep coming out about the president and his leaks to Russia. It continues to be the same old, same old, played over and over again. The president has made clear he has no interest in Russia and yet a lot of these stories that come out in respect to that are frankly fake. They are a series of fake allegations that at the bottom note while there is no evidence to substantiate this. It’s the same unnamed sources, quote unquote, associates… And every single person that gets briefed on this, whether it’s Senator Cotton, Chairman Nunes, who has done a phenomenal job.

Margaret Talev: Can you tell me if he’s the subject of an investigation?

Sean Spicer: The DNI, which includes the NSA, FBI, CIA did not find any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Senators Rubia, Cotton, Burr, all the people who have been briefed on this situation have come to the same conclusion. It’s interesting how many times this fake narrative gets repeated over and over and over again… when you look at every single person that’s been briefed they all come to the same conclusion that NOTHING HAPPENED during the 2016 election tying him to Russia. And yet the fake narrative continues over and over and over.



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