Lindsey Graham’s response: ‘If you love the rule of law, you’ll be very upset’

Sean Hannity says his sources are telling him that a “devastating” report will soon drop regarding alleged abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act during the 2016 presidential election.

The Fox News host’s comments came Wednesday evening during an interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina Republican was mum on details regarding Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s work for the Justice Department, but he did say those who “love the rule of law” will be “very upset.”

“We now have two sources that told the FBI and the DOJ, the upper echelon, not the rank and file, I always make the distinction,” Mr. Hannity said. “I am told in both cases that with the [former British spy Christopher Steele] dossier, that [Department of Justice lawyer Bruce] Ohr warned them it was unverified — Hillary paid for it, Steele hated Trump. Also, now, we have the emails before the first application went in. It sounds like a premeditated conspiracy to commit fraud on a FISA court. I’m also hearing: Horowitz is done and it’s devastating.

“I can’t tell you what he found, but I can tell you that if you care about the rule of law you’re going to be very upset about how the DOJ and the FBI behaved themselves during the 2016 election,” he said. “If you hate Trump, you won’t care. If you love the rule of law, you’ll be very upset.”

Mr. Horowitz announced the investigation into alleged FISA abuse in March 2018.

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