A man was taken into custody today after making a bomb threat at Chicago’s Trump International Hotel and Tower Friday afternoon according to a report from DNAinfo.


5:41: Dispatcher: Alright 10-4. 1814? 44 was that you?
5:50: (inaudible) — me?
5:55: Dispatcher: Yeah, I’m sorry. Just couldn’t hear you answering. Listen, I have to send you all the way in the 30 sector. You’re about the only late car I have left. I had a bomb threat, 401 North Wabash. A male checked in this morning and said that he has a bomb inside of his room. [redacted]
6:19: (inaudible) — one more time?
6:23: Dispatcher: North Wabash. Room number [redacted]                                                                                   

6:31: Dispatcher: Yep. 18-20 a supervisor in 18?
6:37: 30.
6:39: 30, got a bomb threat, 401 North Wabash. Checked, the guest checked in, said he has a bomb in his room.
6:47: I’m on my way.
6:54: Alright.
6:58: (inaudible) I’ll make that a block out.
7:00: Dispatcher: Okay. Great.
7:02: Currently I’m walking toward the Trump right now.
7:07: Dispatcher: Okay. Great.


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