Schools around the country have decided to take a stand against President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

The Chicago Public School District have told principals in the state to stop immigration agents from entering schools without a criminal warrant, the Daily Mail reported.

Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest school district in the nation, took one of the boldest stances against Trump’s immigration policies out of the school districts in the country that have announced measures to protect students who are living in the United States illegally.

“To be very clear, CPS does not provide assistance to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the enforcement of federal civil immigration law,” Janice Jackson, chief education officer of the Chicago Public Schools, wrote in a message to Chicago principals Tuesday.

Other schools in Denver, Colorado, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, have taken similar stances on allowing immigration agents into the classroom.

Santa Fe’s school district reaffirmed itself as a “sanctuary school district,” meaning that they will take steps to protect student privacy and refuse entry to immigration agents unless there is “lawful” contact with students, CNN reported.

“We will only allow lawful ICE contact with our students, which includes a properly executed warrant,” Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent Veronica Garcia said in a statement.

Denver Public Schools passed a resolution last week saying that immigration agents will not be granted access to students unless an official produces a search warrant issued by a judge, CNN reported.

“The resolution stresses Denver Public Schools will do everything in our lawful power to protect our students’ confidential information and ensure that our students’ learning environments are not disrupted by immigration enforcement activity,” Superintendent Tom Boasberg wrote on the school system’s website.

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