Three boys from Iraq and Sudan who were invited into the country via refugee programs pled guilty to charges of sexually brutalizing a five-year-old American child in Twin Falls, Idaho, last year.

A seven-year-old Iraqi boy, plus 14-year-old and 10-year-old Sudanese boys, reportedly cornered the tiny victim in a laundry room at the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, Idaho, on June 2. They stripped her naked, sexually assaulted her, urinated all over her body and in her mouth, and videotaped the attack, according to witnesses.

The attack sparked another national uproar among Americans — but only dismissive responses from managers in President Barack Obama’s administration and among the groups which support the federal programs that delivered the foreign boys to the girl’s apartment building.

According to 7KTVB, the Third-World refugees—identified merely as “boys” in  the headline—agreed to plead guilty to serious felonies:

One defendant pleaded guilty to felony sexual exploitation of a child and misdemeanor battery.

The second defendant pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting felony lewd conduct and aiding and abetting misdemeanor battery.

The third boy pleaded guilty to accessory to the commission of a felony.

“I’m pleased that we were able to resolve this case in a way that was approved and agreed to by the victim’s family and their attorney. This continues to be a serious and sad case, but it was resolved properly,” Twin Falls Prosecutor Grant Loebs said Tuesday.

Last July, Loebs slammed the local citizens who were horrified by the crime against the girl, who is developmentally disabled. “There is a small group of people in Twin Falls County whose life goal is to eliminate refugees, and thus far they have not been constrained by the truth,” he said of initial rumors surrounding the attack. “There were no Syrians involved, there was no knife involved, there was no gang rape,” he then declared.

Routinely, Americans are deliberately misled about refugee programs by politicians working hand-in-hand with secretive refugee resettlement program directors. The refugee programs often also work with locally important business groups to supply cheap labor to agricultural employers, including slaughterhouses and dairy farms.

The penalty for the felony sexual exploitation of a child carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison under Idaho law. It’s not clear when the sentencing will take place. The prosecutor’s office would not say.

Had a retired nurse not reported seeing the oldest refugee recording the attack and giving instructions to the younger boys, the attack on the victim could have been much worse. “The worst thing was the way they peed all over her clothes and on her, too, and I thought that was one of the meanest things I’ve ever saw done,” retired nurse Jolene Payne said at the time to World Net Daily. She continued:

The little girl had no clothes on. The boys took them off. The littlest boy said: ‘We didn’t do it. He told us to,’ pointing to the older boy. They’re just kids that have a mother and they moved here from overseas. The women don’t even talk any English, some of them do, but others don’t. They wear long dresses and long black things on their heads.

“They stripped her naked and urinated in her mouth,” another community resident, David Odell, told Fox News in June.

Breitbart News spoke with the victim’s father in August, who saw roughly thirty seconds of the refugees’ recording of the sex attack, and said his daughter had been both orally and anally raped. Before nurse Payne stopped the attack, another refugee boy was reportedly undressing and preparing to rape the victim as well. He continued:

Thirty seconds showed them in the laundry room, they pulled my daughter around, pushed her up against the wall, pulled her pants off, he dropped his pants, he was trying to get her from behind, you know, they only … no, for the boy that was trying to do it he was, you know, he was only seven to nine years old, so not a lot of… he didn’t know what he was really doing, as you’d expect.

The victim tried to escape her refugee tormentors as they danced around her and laughed at her, the father said. “My daughter didn’t really, was trying to fight him a little bit,” he continued. “[S]he finally got away, pulled her pants up, ran around to the side of a corner, ran inside a washing machine, hunched down, shaking in fear, while he danced around with his pants down, laughing at her, pointing at her, with all the other boys – you could hear them in the background, doing the same thing – and that’s all I watched.” READ MORE

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