Some people are convinced they know who the next president of the United States will be. Some respected prophetic voices have publicly prophesied Bible parallels that certainly make sense to many spiritual minds. Other extremely accurate prophets are just as convinced they know who will be the next commander-in-chief but have not publicly declared their prophetic insight.

People have contacted me with detailed dreams about Hillary Clinton becoming president and the chaos that would ensue. Others claim to have had clear visions of Donald Trump taking up residence in the White House. Still others insist Clinton will be arrested and Obama will not hand over the keys to the Oval Office, holding tight to the presidency and imposing martial law to deal with the violence in the streets.

I’ve never seen such a prophetic swirl over an election in my life. You probably haven’t either.

The night before the election (last night at the time of this writing) I dreamed I was hosting a large prayer meeting for the nation. There was disorder among the intercessors and prophetic voices. Although many sincere believers were at the meeting crying out to God for the nation, others were there for greedy gain and recognition. READ MORE

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