Just four days ago San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto praised FEMA for the work on the island.

Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Maria a categaory 5 monster hurricane two weeks later.

But Caren Yuliz Cruz Soto is a Democrat so she expects everything to be given to her for free.
So now she’s out on all of the liberal mainstream news outlets trashing President Trump.

Puerto Rico doesn’t have power, but the Mayor found time and power to make “HELP US WE ARE DYING” T-shirts?

NBC’s Lester Holt reported on September 26th that a “robust operation” at the air base, which was coordinating all National Guard relief flights to the hurricane zone. Holt added guard units from all across the country were being brought in.

Holt went on to explain that the flights started five days ago and had ramped up to a round-the-clock air bridge of mainly C-130s that was being compared, he said, to the Berlin Airlift.

Holt agreed with the description by Trump that being an island far from the U.S. mainland made it harder to get relief supplies in quickly. Holt said it was a 4-1/2 hour flight each way.

Interestingly, Holt had no words of criticism for Trump in his nearly five minute segment with Wallace.

Despite all the efforts by the Trump administration to help Puerto Rico, the fake news media continues to lie, calling Trump “racist” for ignoring the people of Puerto Rico…the left will politicize anything and everything…truly sickening.

Saturday, President Trump responded to the Democrat Mayor.
He hit back TWICE AS HARD.

After slamming the Mayor of Puerto Rico, Trump unleashed on the fake news media in a fiery tweetstorm, telling the people of Puerto Rico “Do not believe the #FakeNews!”






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