We are receiving reports that Preacher, Author and Missionary Paul Washer has reportedly suffered a heart attack and is currently in the hospital in critical condition. This comes according to his ‘HeartCry Missionary’ Facebook page. At this time we have no further information and ask that everyone continue to pray for his quick recovery.

Sources reveal that Washer has undergone surgery to remove an arterial blockage that caused his heart attack.  His facebook page stated “Last night, Bro. Paul suffered a heart attack,” “He is in critical condition, though currently stable. More updates to follow here and on his Twitter account. Please pray for him and for his family!”

Washer says he had a born again experience while studying to become an oil and gas lawyer at the University of Texas. Upon graduation, he attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and achieved a Master of Divinity degree. He moved to Peru where he became a missionary proclaiming the gospel for 10 years, after which time he returned to the United States. He is best known for his sermons on salvation and regeneration and has become quite popular due to his two sermons, “Ten Indictments”, and “Paul Washer’s Shocking Youth Message”

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