Conservative radio host and best selling author, Michael Savage was assaulted outside of a San Francisco restaurant. He was bloodied and shaken; his grey poodle Teddy was also attacked.

Dr. Michael Savage spoke to Breitbart News in an exclusive interview where he stated, ‘clearly it is open season on prominent Trump supporters’.

Via Breitbart News:

Speaking generally, Savage told Breitbart News on Thursday:

It is clearly open season on prominent Trump supporters. The fascist left has been empowered by their own false narrative that those who support borders, language and culture – my motto – are evil fascists!  This is how Hitler came to power.  He used his brown shirts to beat any opponents. The media and police are almost wholly driven by this lie.

TGP also reported yesterday that Dr. Savage will be pressing charges against the man who assaulted him.

The left is a violent political faction willing to do anything to gain and or keep power. Trump supporters were routinely assaulted and bloodied at Trump rallies. Leftists are even encouraged to resort to violence by prominent Democrat leaders.

The media has blood on their hands as they constantly push the false narrative that Trump supporters are fascists, racists and Nazi’s.

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