Today thousands of believers will unite in prayer and intercession for America in the Annual” National Day of Prayer” and I wanted to bring out some real key points that we should all be really praying and believing for during this time.

– Pray for all the Leaders of the Nation in the highest positions. Yes! Including Donald Trump. Pray that the Lord would grant them wisdom, strength, and discernment to make the right decisions for our Country.

– Pray for the protection of all those in authority. Pray that no weapon formed against them would prosper! Ask the Lord to place his Angels over them to keep them in all of their ways!

– Pray the Lord would expose any plots and assignments of the enemy to bring terrorism, destruction or chaos to America. Pray the Lord would reveal these plots to authorities before their plots would prevail.

– Pray the Lord would begin to restore the Moral and Godly foundation that needs to be laid in the Nation again! Ask the Lord for Revival and Awakening to sweep America one more time! Pray for a mighty harvest of souls!

– Pray for healing to come to our land that would break down walls of division and separation through racism and political affiliations!

– Pray that Churches across the land would be strong and preach the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ!! That the lord would strengthen the leadership in this hour!

– Pray the lord would raise up the true Prophets and Watchmen that are so needed in this hour in America. Pray that they would come out of their places of hiding and begin to speak the oracles of God in this hour.

– Pray for a revival of Bible reading and Prayer to begin to be incorporated into our schools and government once again!

– Pray that America would continue to extend her hand to the Fatherless, the Widows, and the Orphans. That we would never forget the poor among us.

– Pray that the Lord have mercy upon our Nation and forgive us of our sins and transgressions, that his people would truly turn back to him as the one true God and Lord so that God can truly heal our Land!

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