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Look at the original Greek word for, “bow.” 


Scroll down to the word for “bow.” It says that the Greek word was indexed as Strong’s Greek Word – G5115.


Click on G5115. It opens up to Strong’s reference notes for that Greek word. As you can see below, it is the word – “TOXON.”


It was interesting that the definition from Strong’s with ambiguous, and limited to the word bow. However, if you go a bit deeper, you will find something VERY interesting. 


As you can see, the word etymology for, TOXON, means, ” an arrow dipped in poison.” Over time, the word TOXON evolved into other words that are similar, i.e. toxic.

This means that the first Horseman of the apocalypse conquers the world wearing a crown and poisoning the earth with arrows that are tipped with a toxic mix.

The coronavirus was named because the virus is covered with protein spikes that resemble crowns. Thus, scientists call it the Corona, or crown virus.

The first horseman is wearing a crown to conquer the earth, in other words, the first horseman which is a spirit entity, uses a tool to conquer the earth. And the tool he uses resembles a crown. This is obviously the coronavirus. This is not a coincidence. God was very specific when He inspired John with this prophecy. But he went further in the description.

In his hand he is holding an arrow that is dipped in poison. 

This is the vaccine syringe that resembles an arrow. But this syringe does not have a healthy medicine. Instead, it is a poisonous vaccine that will kill a large portion of the population. And it gets worse, this means that the pandemic and also the poisonous false vaccine remedy is a part of end time Bible prophecy. Sadly, this event brings the commencement of the biblical tribulation period.

The tribulation period that we find in the book of Revelation, begins with a “destroyer spirit entity,” who conquers the world with the Corona-crown pandemic, which is the initial problem, how does he conquer it? Through fear, deception, and delusion.

Since this is Bible prophecy, the humans of earth respond accordingly.

The Horseman Destroyer then also provides the solution, which is the poisonous vaccine jab. This furthers the demonic operation, and results in the genocide of mankind.

Isn’t it interesting that the first Horseman uses the deception of “problem reaction solution!” … with the solution being a jab to genocide!

This is confirmed by the next horse which is red.

“And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another:…” Revelation 6:4

The red horse is the warhorse. But the taking of lives is not only limited to bullets in the battlefield. The verse above says power was given to the destroyer on the horse to take peace from the earth, “that they should kill one another,”

Vaccination peer pressure will eventually contribute exponentially to the goal of the warhorse.

It is happening already. Citizens are being pressured to get the vaccine through coercion, job pressure, family pressure, the fear of loss of liberties. The reasons are endless. And while John Q Public escorts his elderly mother to the local Walgreens to get jabbed, little does he know that his allegiance to a lie is going to put his mother in the grave.

The cycle is being repeated all across the world. Folks are convincing their family members and friends to get the vaccine, but the end result is going to be the same. “They are killing one another.”

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