HOUSTON, Texas — A “F**k Trump” protest was held at the University of Houston that was billed as “A World Without Police.” It was organized by a group of the same name. DREAMers and “Undocumented! Unafraid!” activists were also part of the protest.

The flyer reads: “F**k Trump No To Hillary & All ‘Lesser Evils.”

It continues, “No one is coming to save us from these capitalist, racist and misogynist scum. We have only ourselves.”

The notice also lists a website, AWORLDWITHOUTPOLICE.ORG, and a Facebook page, FB.COM/AWORLDWITHOUTPOLICE. When checked, the listed Facebook page shows the message, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

“OUR PLAN,” says the organizers on the flyers in bold font and all caps is to:

  • Protect each other from ICE and police
  • Protect muslim, poc and queer folx from vigilante violence
  • Provide each other sanctuary
  • Disempower: build our capacity to rely on each other and keep cops out the hood
  • Disarm: defund the police and take away the weapons they use against us
  • Disband: abolish the police & transform society so that wealth is freely available to all!

They say “TRUMP’S PLAN” is to:

  • Cancel federal funding to Sanctuary Cities
  • Deport “more than two million criminal illegal immigrants” and ban Muslim immigrants
  • Build a wall at Mexican border
  • Increase funding to train and assist local police
  • Increase resources for federal law enforcement
  • Expand military investment

KHOU11 in Houston took video footage of the protest from their helicopter. Approximately 50 or more appeared to engage in, and/or watch the protest.

Click2Houston interviewed students who were there protesting Donald Trump but also talked to a Trump supporter wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap. Gabe Grant told Click 2 News, “They think he’s against Hispanics, immigrants and black people. They think he’s racist, sexist, and homophobic. All that’s not true.”

Breitbart (source)

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