A seismic swarm of more than 300 earthquakes is currently rattling Noves De Segre, Lerida, Spain since January 18, 2017.

This is exactly what happened just before the deadly M6.5 earthquake that hit the region in 1428, killing hundreds in Amer, Olot, Camprodón and Puigcerda. Sign of the next regional ‘Big One’?

This new swarm of earthquakes has started on February 18, 2017 and is centered very close to Seu de Urgell in southern Andorra.

The most powerful earthquake has been a M3.6 a couple of days ago and yesterday another 3.0 rattled the region. In overall, more than 300 seismic tremors were recorded.

The map shows that the earthquakes are primarily following the N-S direction, while at a very local scale, one can also observe a E-O evolution.

It is to emphasize that in the past that same zone suffered a chain of seismic events that began in March of 1427 and culminated on February 2, 1428 with the mentioned M6.5 earthquake. This ‘Big One’ killed hundreds of people. At this time, the seismicity was also developping over an E-O axis.

We have the exact same conditions today. Get prepared for a large quake to hit the region.

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