On Friday evening, President Trump took to Twitter to tweet a hilarious, yet poignant video meme linking Hillary Clinton to Russia. The meme is a video that plays on Clinton’s book “What Happened,” using the New York Post’s article titled “How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia.”


Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump tweeted an article and a video claiming Hillary Clinton may have come closer to colluding with Russia than he did, outlining various ways Clinton pushed a narrative about Russia in the media.

“’WHAT HAPPENED,’” Trump tweeted Friday night, referencing Clinton’s campaign memoir as he shared a link to a New York Post opinion piece by Paul Sperry with the headline “How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia.”

“’NOW WE KNOW!’” Trump said after the link.

Trump also included a video that featured the following quote from the article:

“The irony is, it may have in fact been Hillary who came closer to colluding with the Russians in smearing Trump as a Russian traitor than anything Trump did in trying to beat Hillary. The information in the dossier she bought for millions came from Russian intelligence sources, and her lawyers brokered the deal with a Kremlin-tied lobbyist.”

Clinton Inc. is on the defense after the Washington Post’s bombshell report revealing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the DNC paid for the now discredited ‘Trump Dossier.’ This week, Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallow admitted to CNN that Hillary Clinton ‘may have known,’ about her campaign paying for the ‘Trump Dossier.’

A nervous Fallon claims he doesn’t know how much Clinton knew about the document’s funding.

When asked about the dossier, Fallon stated, “Well, I mean, she may have known, but the degree of exactly what she knew is, is, is beyond my knowledge….going out and finding Fusion GPS, finding Christopher Steele, I mean, she may or may not of been aware of that level of detail, I don’t know, ”

As Kristinn Taylor reported earlier on The Gateway Pundit the WaPo reported this week that Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid for the Fusion GPS dossier alleging Russian ties with the presidential campaign of Republican Donald Trump and sordid phony personal smears of Trump.

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