He might; then again, he might not, but then again …

If you didn’t figure out during the 2016 presidential election that President-elect Donald Trump refuses to be pinned down on issues, consider this your refresher course. Just hours after his former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told reporters his administration wouldn’t pursue the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified material or for Clinton Foundation pay for play schemes, the president-elect put it right back on the table.

During an interview with reporters and columnists with The New York Times, Trump flat out refused to take the prospect of prosecuting the former secretary of state and his former campaign rival “off the table.” But, he also expressed a reluctance for doing so, stating that it would be damaging both to Clinton’s family and the nation, which he is still trying to bring back together after a particularly divisive campaign.

There’s a political brilliance to the president-elect’s apparent wishy-washiness regarding the alleged criminal behavior of his former opponent. President Barack Obama still holds the constitutional authority to completely pardon Clinton until noon EST on Jan. 20, and would likely do so if he actually believed she would face criminal prosecution.

Trump, by holding his cards close to the vest, at least keeps open the possibility House Republicans will still be able to forge ahead with their own investigations. This also leaves open the possibility of launching a new FBI investigation if new evidence is found that more firmly establishes criminal conduct within the Clinton-led Department of State.

So, while the liberal mainstream media continues to put out narratives meant to discourage, confuse and anger Trump supporters, keep in mind one important fact: The president-elect won’t be sworn into office for another 58 days.

Any suggestion as to what he might do once he’s in office—unless it comes from his own mouth—is pure speculation.

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