Monday on CNN, in offering her analysis of the House Select Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, network political analyst Gloria Borger said President Donald Trump suffered “the worst and most perilous day” of his “young” presidency.

Borger said, “You know, I think if you take a step back for a minute, Wolf, you would have to say this is the worst and most perilous day of Donald Trump’s young presidency. In this hearing over the last bunch of hours, we have seen the director of the FBI rebut Donald Trump directly. He said, first of all, there was no wiretapping by the former president of Trump Tower. He confirmed an investigation into the question of whether there was cooperation as he put it between Trump associates and the Russians.”

“He said the fact that the UK corroborated in some kind of a wiretap was wrong,” he continued. “And that he also said there was no evidence of election machine hacking. And so on all four of those points, you know, you would have to say, while Sean Spicer said that nothing has changed, I think was his quote, I think a lot has changed after this hearing today because as Devin Nunes put it, and I think he’s right, a cloud is hanging over the Trump administration right now. And they are going to have a hard time figuring out how to handle it.”


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