Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah-R) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (Maryland-D) held a press conference and ripped into General Flynn claiming there is no evidence he complied with the law with regards to payments he received from Russia.

General Flynn reportedly took some money from Russia Today international news channel.

Chaffetz: “He (Flynn) was supposed to seek permission and receive permission from both the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Army prior to traveling to Russia to not only accept that payment but to engage in that activity. I see no evidence that he actually did that.”


General Flynn’s attorney, Robert Kelner released a statement following these accusations:

“General Flynn briefed the Defense Intelligence Agency, a component agency of DoD, extensively regarding the RT speaking event trip both before and after the trip, and he answered any questions that were posed by DIA concerning the trip during those briefings.”

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch is going after Chaffetz’s involvement in the cover-up of the ‘Extortion 17’ Navy SEAL helicopter crash. Retired Air Force Captain, Joni Marquez and whistleblower just came forward with her eyewitness account of what happened that tragic night. Chaffetz is in the middle of it. Obviously he is seeking to take the spotlight off of himself…

VIDEO from Freedom Watch explaining Chaffetz’s involvement in ‘Extortion 17’ Navy SEAL helicopter crash:

TGP also documented Rep. Cummings’ criminal activity where he could face up to five years in prison…

Democrat Leader Elijah Cummings Could Face Up to Five Years in Prison for Illegal Attacks on True the Vote–

Last April House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) released a report implicating Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) in colluding with the IRS and Lois Lerner against the nonpartisan voters rights group “True the Vote.”

Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder of “True the Vote,” testified before Congress in February.
She was targeted by FBI, IRS, ATF, and OSHA after she filed for tax exempt status for her voters rights group.

Chaffetz and Cummings are two men who have yet to answer to the American people about their criminality and cover-ups. Their attacks on General Flynn are merely a deflection from their own scandals. Why aren’t they going after Hillary Clinton or others in the Obama administration with this type of fervor?

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