On 12.7.20 One of our youtube channels had 4 videos taken down which in and of themselves were short clips of the current day patriot marches which turned into conflicts with Antifia. I wanted to show everyone what is happening and how Patriots are standing up to the violence. Once more I did a premier on the same channel and it was instantly taken down which disabled the channel from posts. Our other Blazing Press channel is also on a “time out” with two strikes as well. We decided to take all videos off the two channels in order to try and save them from anymore strikes which would cause the channel to be indefinitely suspended. The way in which I have saved a few of our channels from being completely suspended in the past was by completely taking off any videos so the third and final strike to knock the channel out could not be had. We are now streaming on our third back up channel here.

Funny coincidence:  We were also visited at our mobile app by someone claiming to be Chinese and admonishing us that China is now the super power of the world. We put our app back on INVITE ONLY so if you want to join, you will have to give us the secret hand shake and password lol. Here are the screen shots of our CCP visitor


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