Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security adviser and UN ambassador, reportedly requested on several occasions the “unmasking” of identities of private citizens linked to President Trump’s transition and campaign.

The Washington Free Beacon reported today on Rice’s PBS interview last month where she denied having any knowledge of the intelligence community’s alleged incidental surveillance of Trump’s transition team.

Since this news broke earlier this week several lawmakers have called for criminal charges against the former National Security Adviser for spying on her political opponents during a national election.

The Democrats didn’t handle the news well.
Leading Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) continued to embarrass himself today by blaming the shocking development on the “Breitbart crowd.”

Rep. Schiff: The accusation against Susan Rice by the Breitbart crowd and by people in this building that I think are tossing around slanderous accusations without evidence.

For the record… Susan Rice admitted to the unmasking of intelligence this week after denying it two weeks ago.

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