According to CBS News:

The National Park Service is trying to figure out who unfurled a giant banner at the Statue of Liberty saying “Refugees Welcome.”

Park Service spokesman Jerry Willis says the 3-by-20-foot banner was hung from the public observation deck at the top of the statue’s pedestal Tuesday afternoon.

Park rangers determined it could be removed without damaging the statute and began the process of taking it down, CBS New York reports. The banner was taken down more than an hour later.

“Affixing a banner to the national monument is strictly prohibited, and an investigation is underway by the United States Park Police to identify suspects,” the agency said in a statement.

The United States is a country of legal immigrants. TEurope is suffering greatly after taking in millions of refugees. The rape epidemic sweeping across Sweden and other Western nations should be enough of a reason to stop the flow of refugees into the U.S.

What kind of society do we have if we don’t protect our women who are the most vulnerable? How much blood has to spill in the streets from Islamic terrorist attacks until people wake up?

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