An unknown person has taken Donald Trump’s name out of the midtown building’s label on Google Maps. If you search for Trump Tower on Google Maps, you won’t find that exact name there. Instead, you’ll find “Dump Tower.” Users began noticing the Fifth Avenue building’s name change on the mapping service Saturday.

It’s unclear when the switch occurred, but people on Twitter began tweeting about the new “brand identity” about 2 p.m. The location pinpoint also provides the description of Trump Tower as “a 58-story mixed-used skyscraper.”


While Google regularly updates their maps, the time it takes to update and refresh location names varies, according to Google. Map data is aggregated from third-party providers, public sources and user contributions, which helps to create a comprehensive and updated map at all times.

However, occasional inaccuracies can arise, such as this instance, and Google must then make the correction and fix any incorrect names or information.

The trend caught on Saturday evening with a second Trump renaming. Trump International Hotel & Tower in Columbus Circle had also been renamed Dump International Hotel & Tower.

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