Lithium Batteries For Beginners



The lithium batteries below are considered “Drop-in Lead Acid Replacement” because you can use them with standard 12/24/48 volt solar charge controllers/chargers/inverters and more. Simply hook them up to your system in the same way you would a typical lead acid battery. 

These lithium batteries out perform lead acid in every regard (even price!) and once you buy one, you will never go back. 



Best Value LiFePO4 12V Battery: SOK Battery



$570 For 100Ah 12V
$.44 Per Wh





$1029 For 206Ah 12V
$.39 Per Wh


This battery has the components of a $1000+ LiFePO4, at a fraction of the price. I have not found a better battery w/ warranty for the price of the SOK. Check out these stats:

  • Can be connected for use in 12V/24V/48V systems. Most budget batteries do not have this ability!
  • Can be serviced. If one of the cells fails in ten years, you can swap it out for a new one. If the bms fails, you can swap it out in minutes. 
  • 7 year warranty
  • Large durable terminals
  • Steel case
  • Low temperature charging protection

And it is well engineered! It is a tank of a battery, and can handle abuse for years. 

And it is a fraction of the price of other batteries! Buy the battery direct from SOK for a cheap price:

100Ah SOK Battery Click Here
$.44 per Wh

206Ah SOK Battery Click Here

$.39 per Wh

Note: Frequently out of stock due to high demand. Every shipment gets sold out in a week.

And the SOK has been cycle tested. Here is the life cycle curve where it is cycled 3500 times! Check it out:


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