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South Korea Develops Electromagnetic Weapon To Use Against North’s Drones

South Korea will soon put to use a powerful weapon in the fight against North Korean drones – the electromagnetic pulse (EMP), its military reported. The directional, high-powered EMP generator has already been developed, according to Yonhap news agency. It was presented last week at a conference hosted by the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology, and developed by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD). It is now up to Seoul to figure out how to adjust it for use against Pyongyang’s UAVs. An electromagnetic pulse sends out a wave that disables all electrical equipment it targets. The...

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Japan Scrambles Jets As Chinese Warplanes Fly Near Okinawa

The Chinese military has conducted air force drills in the western Pacific close to Beijing’s regional rivals Japan and Taiwan on Friday and Saturday. The Japanese Air Force scrambled fighter jets to shadow the Chinese planes. On Friday, Chinese military planes flew through the Bashi Channel that separates Taiwan and the Philippines. Later on Saturday, the planes passed through the Miyako Strait near Japan’s Okinawa island,which hosts a large portion of the US military troops stationed in the country. The Chinese Air Force said the annual drills went as scheduled and “are not aimed at any specific country, region...

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Pakistani Air Force Chief Warns India Against Full-Scale War

Pakistan’s air force chief on Thursday warned archrival India against escalating the dispute over Kashmir into full-scale war, urging New Delhi to exercise restraint. Marshal Sohail Aman’s warning came as tensions are soaring between Islamabad and New Delhi over the contested Himalayan territory where Pakistan said Indian fire on Wednesday killed 12 civilians and three soldiers — the deadliest incident in weeks of border clashes. Aman said that if Indian forces escalate the crisis, Pakistani troops “know full well how to deal with them.” On a visit to Islamabad, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson held talks with his Pakistani...

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PSALM 83: Islamic Groups Unite Against Israel

There’s some shuffling going on in the Hamas hierarchy that doesn’t bode well for Israel. Hamas, the Gaza-based Palestinian group sworn to Israel’s destruction, is uniting with terror groups to promote their common goal. Beyond that, the changes in leadership are drawing Hamas closer to Iran, the country that has vowed to wipe Israel off the map. Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, who announced last June he would be stepping down by the end of the year, will be replaced by Gaza-based Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh, who will relocate to Qatar. Meshaal has a long history with Hamas. In the...

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