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‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse Will Be Visible from Southern Hemisphere Sunday

This Sunday (Feb. 26) brings the first solar eclipse of 2017. Unlike the total solar eclipse that will cross the continental United States in August, Sunday’s spectacle is an annular eclipse, which means a sliver of the sun’s surface will still be visible around the moon. The moon will appear to block varying amounts of the sun depending on where you are located within the eclipse visibility zone. For those who are properly positioned along a narrow path some 8,500 miles (13,700 kilometers) long and averaging roughly 45 miles (72 km) wide, the dark disk of the moon will...

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Annular “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse Will Be Seen This Sunday

There’s going to be an annular solar eclipse on Feb. 26, 2017. Although this month’s eclipse is not visible in the United States, it’s kicking off the six-month countdown until the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, the first visible in the US since 1979. So what’s an annular solar eclipse? When the Moon covers the Sun’s center, leaving the Sun’s visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire”, or annulus around the Moon, an annular solar eclipse happens. An annular solar eclipse occur only: – Around a new Moon when the Earth and Sun are aligned on...

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Mysterious green and blue flashes appeared as New Zealand earthquake struck

Incredible footage filmed during the New Zealand earthquake shows the night sky lighting up with bright colours. Quick-thinking New Zealanders managed to film the scene in Wellington while the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Christchurch. Their clips show flashes of green, white and blue in the sky over a span of a few seconds. Zachary Bell said he filmed a video at ‘the peak of the shaking’, noting that ‘the sky began to light up with colours’ over the sea. Another video posted on Instagram shows clear, bright flashes of light during the earthquake that killed two people...

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NASA’s Tips for Shooting the Supermoon Tonight

Tonight is your chance to see the closest “supermoon” that anyone on Earth has experienced in almost 69 years. That means amateurs and pros alike should be pulling out their photography equipment to get that once in a lifetime shot. If you don’t know why this supermoon is a topic of interest, you can read our full breakdown here. Suffice it to say that on November 14th at 11:23 UTC (7:52am ET) the moon will hit perigee, its closest point to Earth. Two and a half hours later, at 1:52pm UTC (9:52am ET), the moon will be full—hitting your...

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Largest Supermoon Since 1948 Will Be Seen This Coming Monday

 There will be an amazing spectacle tonight as the first supermoon in almost 70 years appears in the night sky. In fact, if you’re younger than 68 you have never witnessed this record-breaking supermoon in your lifetime. Tomorrow morning, November 14th, the moon will be the closest it has been to Earth since 1948. It will appear 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the average monthly full moon. Of course that’s dependent on hopefully viewing the supermoon without the obstruction of a cloudy night. Thankfully it appears most of the United States will remain mostly clear for...

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