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German Media Promotes Migrants Replacing Ageing Locals in Small European Towns

German magazine Der Spiegelhas begun a series of articles entitled “The New Arrivals” claiming in one piece that mass migration can revive declining birth rates in small Spanish towns. The German publication told the story of a Moroccan migrant from Tangier named Said al Ghoury who moved with his family to the small Spanish town of Visiedo with his family and claims he “rescued” the village from demographic decline. Since 1998 the number of immigrants flowing into Spain has increased ten times and in the last year alone the figure increased by 12.2 percent. In real numbers around 4.6 million people,...

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Student Journalist Fired for Tweeting Video of Muslim Panelist’s Comments on Non-Believers Under Koranic Law

Student journalist Andy Ngo was fired from his job at the Vanguard, the student newspaper of Portland State University, after a video he posted on Twitter was included in a Breitbart News report.   At @Portland_State interfaith panel today, the Muslim student speaker said that apostates will be killed or banished in an Islamic state. — Andy C. Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) April 27, 2017 Student journalist Andy Ngo, a graduate student at Portland State University, was fired from his job at the school’s student newspaper after a video he tweeted of a campus interfaith panel was included in a...

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Antifa Organizer Goes to Turkey With Muslim Loverboy, Gets Raped and Beaten

Lacy MacAuley is a well known radical left-wing Antifa organizer in Washington D.C. She was featured in Project Veritas’ undercover videos which exposed the #DisruptJ20 plot to violently disrupt President Trump’s inauguration.  Just like every other lunatic leftist, Lacy fell in love with Islam and became obsessed with helping Syrian ‘refugees’, wholeheartedly believing that Islam is the religion of peace. MacAuley details her experience dating a Turkish Muslim man, describing the hell and fear she lived in because he controlled every move she made, beat and raped her. Islam is still the ‘religion of peace’, eh Lacy? From Lacy...

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ISLAMIST Shoots Two Police Officers on French Reunion Island

An Islamist on French Reunion Island shot two police officers as they tried to arrest him. For some reason, the story did not make much press in France. The Local reported: A man suspected of being a radicalised Islamist shot and wounded two policemen on the French Indian Ocean island of Réunion as they tried to arrest him on Thursday, authorities announced. “The man refused to be arrested and fired a rifle at police,” a local government official on the island said. The official said that the suspect — a man in his twenties who is believed to be...

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Sweden Jails Trio for Facebook Livestream Gang Rape

STOCKHOLM (AFP) — A Swedish court on Tuesday sentenced three young men to prison for gang raping a woman and livestreaming the attack on Facebook. Reza Mohammed Ahmadi, 21, was sentenced to two years and four months in prison for rape and accessory to rape, while Maysam Afshar, 18, was sentenced to one year in prison for rape, a reduced sentence because of his age. Both are Afghan citizens who have been granted residency in Sweden. Emil Khodagholi, a 21-year-old Swedish citizen, was sentenced to six months in prison for aggravated defamation for posting the rape on Facebook, and for...

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