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Major earthquake ‘Certain’ to hit Southern California

It is simply a matter of time before a major earthquake hits Southern California, according to a new study by the US Geological Survey (USGS), which examined patterns of historic quakes. The only question is how long it will be before the ‘Big One’ strikes. The study – the most extensive of its kind – examined a section of the San Andreas fault that runs along Interstate 5, near Frazier Mountain in northeast Kern County. “One of the reasons why this location is of importance is because in Southern California, the Big Bend, Carrizo, and Mojave sections of the...

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2 Studies Show 347 Native Bee Species ‘Spiraling Toward Extinction’

Having taken a backseat to any number of controversies surrounding the nascent Trump administration, pollinators should be back in the headlines — again painting a tragic portent for the future of the planet’s food supply — as an analysis found 347 bee species native to North America and Hawai`i “are spiraling toward extinction.” In total, 700 bee species have been pushed to precarious footing by a web of threats, including increased pesticide use and severe habitat loss. In “Pollinators in Peril: A systematic status review of North American and Hawaiian native bees,” the Center for Biological Diversity studied 4,337...

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Oroville Dam faces another risk: Earthquakes from rapid rise in water levels

The crisis over the last few weeks at Oroville Dam was about how to handle large amounts of water flowing into the lake with both of the reservoir’s spillways damaged. But there also was a seismic angle to the story. As Lake Oroville swung from being at 41% of capacity to 101% in just two months, scientists are asking whether the filling of the reservoir at the fastest rate in at least a generation can produce a damaging earthquake. No one knows for certain, but the question has been a source of debate since shortly after the nation’s tallest...

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Italy’s Mount Etna Erupts in Fiery Show [VIDEO]

Mount Etna has erupted in a fiery show of lava in eastern Sicily. The volcano’s latest eruptions, which can last days and even weeks, began on Monday evening. The giant orange fountains of lava, spewing toward the sky, could be seen in the city of Catania and the resort town of Taormina. Although volcanic ash clouds can cause flight disruptions, the nearby Catania airport was operating normally Tuesday. Authorities reported no danger to the towns that dot the mountain’s slopes....

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Fears Of Mega-Quake as More than 300 Quakes strike Noves de Segre, Spain

A seismic swarm of more than 300 earthquakes is currently rattling Noves De Segre, Lerida, Spain since January 18, 2017. This is exactly what happened just before the deadly M6.5 earthquake that hit the region in 1428, killing hundreds in Amer, Olot, Camprodón and Puigcerda. Sign of the next regional ‘Big One’? This new swarm of earthquakes has started on February 18, 2017 and is centered very close to Seu de Urgell in southern Andorra. The most powerful earthquake has been a M3.6 a couple of days ago and yesterday another 3.0 rattled the region. In overall, more than...

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