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Could Leftover Heat from the Last El Niño Fuel a New One?

According to the weather channel, the most recent record-tying El Niño ending in spring 2016 likely left behind enough warm water to spring the next El Niño to life. El Niños are created and destroyed by a cornucopia of oceanic and atmospheric effects in the Pacific, but according to NASA scientists, two factors may tip the scales toward the development of the next El Niño, potentially later in 2017. First, the recent blockbuster El Niño not only featured deep, warmer-than-average water near the equatorial central and eastern Pacific Ocean, but also spread its anomalous warmth unusually far from the equator. Warmer-than-average water reached Hawaii and even the West Coast of...

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Over 250 Quakes strike Iceland Volcano, Major Eruption May Be Imminent

Since the last 24 hours a huge seismic swarm of more than 250 earthquakes is rattling Herdubreid volcano in Iceland. A M3.3 tremor hit right under Mount Herdubreid this morning. The area has active volcanoes around and the last major eruption there was Bardabunga fissures, lasting about 6 months and leaving a new lava field known as Holuhraun in its wake. According to the Icelandic Met Office, no volcanic tremors have been detected so far. The area is being monitored. Since midnight last night, a swarm of 250 tremors – and always growing – is taking place in the area...

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Residents In California Forced to Evacuate From developing “Earth Movement”

Three homes in a Del Dios development near Lake Hodges were evacuated after the earth beneath them started moving. Behind security gates is a newer development called Cielo, which in Spanish means sky, appropriately named for its magnificent views from million-dollar mansions built on steep hilltops. But the earth beneath at least three of them is starting to shift. In the 18000 block of Avenida Apice, cracked sidewalks and pavements forced evacuations.   “We are getting an arcuate failure or pull away service where this mass of earth is being pulled by gravity down slope,” geologist Dr. Pat Abbott...

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Activity at Mount Etna spreading to all craters, Italy

Following an increase in Strombolian activity on February 27, 2017, Mount Etna, Europe’s largest volcano, continues erupting and it appears the activity is now spreading to all the craters at the top of the mountain. INGV reported that Strombolian activity at Etna’s New Southeast Crater (NSEC) cone had gradually intensified beginning at 16:00 UTC on February 27. Lava soon overflowed the vent, quickly traveled down the S flank, and then slowed after reaching the gently sloping terrain. The flow spread SSW, towards the old cone of Monte Frumento Supino. Frequent Strombolian explosions ejected incandescent lava fragments up to 200 m (656 feet)...

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3-hour volcanic eruption in Alaska threatens villages with ash

An Alaskan volcano experienced its largest eruption to date and created a large ash cloud. For the past several months, Bogoslof Volcano has had minor eruptions, but the most recent was its strongest, sending ashes 35,000 feet above sea level. Residents of the Aleutian Islands are under ash advisory after Bogoslof Island’s volcano had its strongest recorded eruption Tuesday night. The National Weather Service warned that the fishing communities could see a trace amount of ash following the powerful eruption. This isn’t the first time the volcano has erupted. Tuesday was the 36th recorded eruption over the last three...

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