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UK Government Under Pressure to Add Gender ‘X’ to Passports

A gay rights lobby group has called for British passports to feature the letter ‘X’ to cater for those who do not want to identify as male or female. LGBT organization Stonewall said allowing people the option of declaring that they do not wish to be recognized by mainstream labels would be positive for those who face difficulties at passport control. Tara Stone, of Stonewall, said: ‘Some trans people find it very validating of their identity to have that gender designator. It basically allows them to express their identity.’ A UK government spokesman said it has already committed to ‘reviewing gender...

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Appeals Court Says Sex Discrimination Law Applies to Gay and Lesbian Discrimination

An appeals court ruled that a federal civil rights law on sex discrimination can now be used for sexual orientation discrimination claims, the first time an appellate court has concluded such. In an 8-3 decision made Tuesday, the full court of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Kimberly Hively, a lesbian who sued Ivy Tech Community College, arguing that the school discriminated against her on the basis of her sexual orientation. Authored by Judge Diane Wood, the decision concluded that Hively could sue Ivy Tech on the basis of violating Title VII of the Civil...

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Power Rangers to Feature First Lesbian Character

This weekend, LGBT activists across the country rejoiced to see Disney’s first gay character, LeFou, in Beauty and the Beast. Now, superhero fans are celebrating a similar milestone. Power Rangers, coming to theaters this Friday, will feature a character who is questioning her sexuality, director Dean Israelite told Hollywood Reporter editor Aaron Couch. Trini, the Yellow Ranger, reportedly identifies as queer. “For Trini, really she’s questioning a lot about who she is,” Israelite explained. “She hasn’t fully figured it out yet. I think what’s great about that scene and what that scene propels for the rest of the movie is, ‘That’s OK.’ The movie is...

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New Reality TV Show to Feature “Transgender Bride”

A transgender bride says she’s “humbled” after starring in an upcoming episode of the reality show Say Yes to the Dress. In August 2016, after getting engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Gabrielle Gibson, a transgender hairstylist from New Jersey, made an appointment at New York City’s Kleinfeld’s, the bridal gown store featured on Say Yes to the Dress. “I’m six-foot-one and I love to wear five-inch heels — my fiancé is five-foot-four — so I was a little worried about finding a dress with the right length,” Gibson, 33, tells Yahoo Style. “After booking my appointment at...

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Bizarre Transformation Of Mother and Son becoming Father and Daughter

A transgender dad and daughter from Detroit are revealing their incredible journeys as they transition from mom and son. Corey Maison, 15, first told her parents she identified as a girl four years ago, but it was not until last year she learned that her mother also struggled with her gender identity. The pair are now leaning on each other as they transition together. The teen has chronicled their transitions on her Instagram account, and the two sat down for an interview with Australia’s “60 Minutes” to talk about the experience. “I wanted to make my parents proud of...

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