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Report: Syria Threatens To Fire Scud Missiles At Israel

TEL AVIV – The Assad regime in Syria has sent messages to Israel via Russia threatening that any further strikes by the Israeli military within Syria’s borders will be met with Scud missiles attacks on the Jewish state, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Diyar reported Saturday. Syria warned that Israeli strikes on its military would result in Scud missiles capable of carrying half a ton of explosives being launched at IDF bases, while strikes in civilian areas would be met with counterstrikes on the northern coastal city of Haifa and petrochemical plants in the region, the report claimed. According to the report,...

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Syria Claims Israeli Jet Shot Down After Strike Near Palmyra Overnight

The Syrian Army says Israeli military jets hit a “military target” near Palmyra in a raid overnight. In retaliation the jets were targeted by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles. According to a Syrian Army statement, a total of four Israeli jets breached Syrian airspace on Friday morning, Reuters reports. Syria’s air defenses shot down one of the Israeli jets over “occupied ground” and damaged another. The Israeli Army confirmed it had conducted airstrikes on several targets in Syria, Israel National News reported. However, the IDF insists that none of the jets was harmed. “At no point was the safety of Israeli...

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Congressional Delegation: Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

It may not have happened on “day one” of President Trump’s administration, but an official congressional delegation visited the nation’s capital over the weekend to explore what would be involved in moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. “A lot of people thought maybe Donald Trump would do this on day one, he did not do that. Some were disappointed,” said Congressman Ron DeSantis, R-Fl.     DeSantis, chairman of the Subcommittee for National Security of the House Oversight Committee, led the delegation on its 24-hour fact-finding mission. DeSantis was clear that the group was not sent by Trump but...

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Hezbollah lists targeted Israeli “Nuclear Sites”

The Lebanese Shiite terror organization said it possessed precise missiles for wiping out Israel’s nuclear infrastructure and attached addresses to all its targets. Five locations topped the list, starting with the nuclear reactors at Dimona in southern Israel and Nahal Soreq on the Mediterranean coast. “Revealed” next are three secret locations for the production, assembly and storage of nuclear missiles and warheads. Kfar Zacharia near Beit Shemesh in the Jerusalem Hills, defined as the main depot for the Jericho Series I, II and III, of three-stage ballistic missiles, which can reach ranges of up to 6,000km. Two others were a...

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Israeli settlers flee as West Bank wildfires spread

 Israeli firefighters on Friday reined in a blaze that had spread across the country’s third-largest city of Haifa and forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes, but continued to battle more than a dozen other fires around the country for the fourth day in a row. The over 60,000 Israelis evacuated began returning to their charred homes to assess the damage as police and firefighting units remained heavily deployed in the Haifa area for fear that the fires could be reignited due to the dry, windy weather. Though no deaths or serious injuries have been reported,...

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