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Democrats Should Stop Whining About the Electoral College

After a decisive victory for Donald Trump in the electoral college, at the moment he is trailing Hillary Clinton in the nationwide popular vote by 0.2%, or 200,000 votes of the 120 million cast. Democrats and other Never Trump-ers have seized on this information to suggest that, in a fair world, Sec. Clinton would be our next president-elect, as the final tally indicates more support for Clinton from the American electorate as a whole. Some have gone so far as to suggest – as others in the same position have suggested before – that the electoral college itself was responsible for Sec....

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Clinton Blames Comey For Losing The Election

Hillary Clinton has offered a couple of private but candid explanations about why she lost her White House bid, telling high-dollar fundraisers Saturday that FBI announcements about a second probe into her emails from her time as secretary of state were too damaging. Clinton said, “Our analysis is that Comey’s letter raised doubts that were groundless and baseless…” and “stopped our momentum,” a DNC fundraising source who was on the call told Fox News. Clinton made the remark on a roughly 30-minute conference call with Democrats who raised more than $100,000, according to Politico. The former State Department leader...

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How The Clinton Foundation Broke Federal Law

The Clinton Foundation operates outside of the legal standards that govern non-profit organizations, according to an internal report drafted by the former Chief Counsel to Vice President Al Gore. “The challenges and deficiencies plaguing the Foundation cannot be over-stated,” lawyer Kimuki Gibson wrote to Foundation chairman Bruce Lindsey in the conclusion of her two-month, seventeen-page assessment of the Clinton Foundation. Her review was recirculated as an attachment to Chelsea Clinton, Cheryl Mills, and John Podesta in 2011 and released by Wikileaks on November 5th. Gibson states that the Clinton Foundation is “missing several policies and procedures that are required by law (e.g., record retention policy)” and she...

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