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Louise Mensch: ‘America First’ Is ‘A Nazi Slogan Being Pushed by Russia’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” journalist and former Conservative member of the UK Parliament Louise Mensch stated that the slogan “America First” is “a Nazi slogan being pushed by Russia, who are quite literally attacking, not only America, but the whole of the West.” Mensch said, “‘America First’ is a Russian slogan. It’s a Nazi slogan being pushed by Russia, who are quite literally attacking, not only America, but the whole of the West. Every country in Europe is undergoing these bots, the troll army. And what are we doing about it?...

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CNN Fakes “Live” Interview with Congressman?

Did CNN fake a live interview with Congressman Ben Sasse? While Jake Tapper was conducting an allegedly “live” interview with him, both MSNBC and C-SPAN were airing what they said was a lives stream of Ben Sasse questioning Neil Gorsuch at his confirmation hearing. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story....

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CNN and MSNBC Caught Using the Same ‘Live’ Guest at the Same Time (VIDEO)

Looks like very fake news CNN and MSNBC were caught interviewing the same guest simultaneously while claiming to be live on air. A channel surfer caught two different ‘news’ stations, CNN and MSNBC claiming to be live while they were interviewing the same guest. This is great! More proof that the mainstream media is indeed ‘fake news’. Of course this isn’t the first time they have been caught manipulating live shots and crime scenes as you will see… Video from Mark Dice YouTube...

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Rachel Maddow: Trump ‘Totally’ Could Have Leaked His Own 2005 Tax Return

Wednesday on ABC’s ‘The View,” MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said President Donald Trump “totally” could have leaked his own 2005 taxes, which she featured on her show last week. Maddow said, “It totally could’ve come from Trump, which is like such a bizarre human drama at the center of this. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that matters is, is that document real? That’s the...

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WaPo — Congress Makes It Easier for ‘Mentally Incompetent’ Vets to Carry Guns

On March 22, the Washington Post reported on House Republican efforts to repeal the gun ban for military veterans by claiming Congress is making it easier for “mentally incompetent” vets to carry guns. This is more Fake News about GOP-led efforts to protect the Second Amendment rights and due process rights of military veterans. According to WaPo, “A bill moving through Congress could make it easier for veterans who can be considered mentally incompetent to carry a firearm.” The fake aspect of this claim can be seen by contrasting it with the WaPo’s accurate summary of what the ban really...

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