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WaPo — Congress Makes It Easier for ‘Mentally Incompetent’ Vets to Carry Guns

On March 22, the Washington Post reported on House Republican efforts to repeal the gun ban for military veterans by claiming Congress is making it easier for “mentally incompetent” vets to carry guns. This is more Fake News about GOP-led efforts to protect the Second Amendment rights and due process rights of military veterans. According to WaPo, “A bill moving through Congress could make it easier for veterans who can be considered mentally incompetent to carry a firearm.” The fake aspect of this claim can be seen by contrasting it with the WaPo’s accurate summary of what the ban really...

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CNN’s Borger: Today Was ‘the Worst and Most Perilous Day’ of Trump’s ‘Young Presidency’

Monday on CNN, in offering her analysis of the House Select Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, network political analyst Gloria Borger said President Donald Trump suffered “the worst and most perilous day” of his “young” presidency. Borger said, “You know, I think if you take a step back for a minute, Wolf, you would have to say this is the worst and most perilous day of Donald Trump’s young presidency. In this hearing over the last bunch of hours, we have seen the director of the FBI rebut Donald Trump directly. He said,...

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Washington Post Changes Headline About Illegals (Illegally) On Food Stamps

The headline change was originally called out by fellow New Yorker Julian Wan: Bezos' @washingtonpost quickly changed this headline… doesn't want you to know illegals are on benefits paid by… you. — Julian Wan 🇺🇸 (@juliangwan) March 16, 2017 So what was wrong with the original headline, “Immigrants are now canceling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them” – well for one, it was fairly easy to understand that they were referring to “illegals,” rather than simply “immigrants,” doing something illegal. A good parallel to this situation would be if someone broke into your house...

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How POLITICO Became Hillary’s (Anti-Constitution, Anti-Journalism, Anti-Conservative) Lap Dog

For years, Americans breathlessly accused Politico of being anti-conservative and lacking in any sort of journalistic integrity.  Founded by two former writers at the ultra-liberal Washington Post back in 2007, shortly before Obama took office, they quickly developed a reputation for distorting facts, selective reporting, and disparaging conservatives. In 2011, Hugh Hewitt finally called them out on this behavior in an interview and – as is to be expected – they tried to deflect the charge with an answer that one can only compare to the equivalent of “well, I have black friends!”. Via HH: My proposition is, and I’m joined by...

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Brian Williams: It’s ‘Striking’ That ‘An Alternative Universe Is Being Proposed’ By the WH

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour,” anchor Brian Williams stated it was “striking” to TV viewers to see “an alternative universe is being proposed” by the White House. Williams asked if it was “as striking” to members of the press corps in the briefing room “as it is to television viewers that, an alternative universe is being proposed, alternative definitions are being trotted out, in real-time?” Later, he said, “at the presidential level,” trust “is obviously essential. And, when people talk about this, they use the example that makes us all sound like the parents that we...

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