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Hollywood Director Gets Roasted on Twitter After Claiming ‘Only Love’ Will Stop ISIS (VIDEO)

April 13, 2017, saw the U.S. drop the M.O.A.B., or, the “mother of all bombs”, on an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan. The hit was successful, 36 were killed, but Hollywood isn’t happy that we’re killing radical Islamic terrorists. According to Hollywood leftists, bombs are only good in the movies, and, in case you didn’t know, Hollywood directors are also military strategists! Josh Fox, one of these Hollywood directors/military strategists, claims the only way we can stop ISIS is by “[loving] your enemy” and that ‘bombs only create more ISIS’. How cute. In a tweet yesterday he said: Atrocity....

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Tina Brown: Hillary ‘Was Right’ With Comments About Role Misogyny Played In Election

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Women in the World Summit founder Tina Brown said she agreed with former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s statement during her appearance at the summit on the role misogyny played in the 2016 election. Brown said that Clinton did admit her campaign did make mistakes, but “she also was being asked to itemize some of the things that she felt from the outside had really affected things. And I think that she was right about the misogyny piece. I mean, she did talk about how, when she left the State Department, she...

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Adam Schiff Blames ‘Breitbart Crowd” For Susan Rice Spying on Trump (VIDEO)

Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security adviser and UN ambassador, reportedly requested on several occasions the “unmasking” of identities of private citizens linked to President Trump’s transition and campaign. The Washington Free Beacon reported today on Rice’s PBS interview last month where she denied having any knowledge of the intelligence community’s alleged incidental surveillance of Trump’s transition team. Since this news broke earlier this week several lawmakers have called for criminal charges against the former National Security Adviser for spying on her political opponents during a national election. The Democrats didn’t handle the news well. Leading Democrat Rep. Adam...

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Former Clinton Campaign Adviser: Trump Is a ‘Dystopian Super Villain’

Saturday, Democratic strategist and former Clinton campaign manager Jess McIntosh said on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” that President Donald Trump is “absolutely a dystopian super villain.” “Trump is absolutely a dystopian super villain, like for sure,” McIntosh said in a discussion about the new “Justice League” trailer. Mother Jones’ David Corn then chimed in, adding that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is a super villain and “perverse form of Gotham...

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