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Schools Now Push 11-Year-Olds to Question Their Gender Identity

A leading girls’ school is allowing pupils to change their names to boys’ names and wear boys’ clothes. Pupils over the age of 16 at St Paul’s Girls’ School in West London can now enter a formal process to self-identify as boys or as “gender-neutral.” So far, up to 10 sixth-form girls at the school are understood to have done so. Pupils as Young as 11 Can ‘Discuss’ Issue St Paul’s is a high-performing private school with alumnae such as Harriet Harman, MP, and actress Rachel Weisz. Under the new policy, pupils over 16 can submit a written request...

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‘Anti-Racism’ Preschool in Seattle Will Teach Toddlers Social Justice

Children are never too young to become “woke” to social justice ideology. A new preschool is set to open in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle, aiming to indoctrinate children younger than seven in social justice and intersectional theory. Two Seattle teachers, Benjamin Gore and Jason Frelot, are opening the preschool at the back of the Columbia City Church of Hope, where they will educate young children on the “experiences of people of color.” It has been dubbed the “anti-racism preschool,” and it’s set to open its doors in the fall, following a series of community workshops for parents in the...

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New York Teacher Under Fire For Handing Out “Anti-Trump” Assignment

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A veteran Staten Island teacher who slipped an anti-President Trump question into her homework assignment to her sixth-grade class has been disciplined by school authorities for using “poor judgment” in the matter. Adria Zawatsky, a sixth-grade English teacher at Paulo intermediate School (I.S. 75) in Huguenot since 2005, had a letter of reprimand placed in her personnel file, according to officials. The letter followed a sit-down with Paulo Principal Kenneth Zapata. “We have clear standards and regulations in place to ensure school staff maintain neutrality with respect to their political beliefs while in school,” said...

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NBC Creates 2 Videos of Children Bashing Trump

NBC News released two videos on their website of children delivering personal messages to President Trump, with many of their statements criticizing the president a month into his presidency. The video series, “Dear Mr. President: Letters from the American Children,” opens with a young boy excited about the prospect of a political outsider bridging the disconnect between the Washington establishment and the American people, but things go downhill from there. “When you speak on things that make me feel uncomfortable, or I disagree with, you make me feel small because I know I can’t change it,” one girl remarks....

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Professors Warned Not to Assume Gender of Any Student

In response to growing concerns over “implicit bias and stereotype threat,” Penn State professors have been provided a checklist suggesting ways to avoid microaggressing students, as well as ideas on how to make their curriculum and classroom more “inclusive.” One bullet-point on the list: “Avoid assuming the gender of any student.” It’s among 53 tips on Penn State’s “Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms: Workshop Activity,” which was recently posted as an online resource for campus educators in response to “reports from students that they experience implicit biases, stereotype threat, and micro and macro aggressions in our classrooms,” the university’s website...

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