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Penn State Prof: Believing in Hard Work is White Ideology and Racist

A Pennsylvania State University professor recently wrote working hard was part of the white ideology and is therefore racist. These liberals sure seem to be pushing for white genocide? Townhall and Campus Reform reported: Pennsylvania State University-Brandywine professor Angela Putman recently asserted in an academic paper that the notion “if I work hard, I can be successful” is merely a product of white ideology, reports Campus Reform. Angela Putman conducted a study to critique and examine “ideologies within college students’ discourse that are foundational to whiteness.” Her resulting conclusion published on Thursday was that “meritocracy”, or the belief that people should rise based...

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‘Trump Must Hang’ Prof Wishes He Had Made His Twitter Account Private

The California State University, Fresno professor who tweeted “Trump must hang” said in a Sunday article he wished he had made his Twitter account private. Lars Maischak, a history professor at the university, made the comment in an interview with Politico. Fresno State banned Maischak from the university campus after The Daily Caller News Foundation uncovered them in April and relegated the professor to converting two classes to online formats. “I would probably have made the Twitter account private, had I realized you could easily do that,” said Maischak to Politico. The professor had tweeted “To save American democracy, Trump must hang....

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All Girls School Stops Calling Students “Girls”, Fearful of Offending Transgenders

The head of one of the leading all-girls schools in London said that she will no longer be calling her students “girls,” in order to avoid potentially offending pupils who are questioning their gender. “I try not to say ‘girls,’ [but] when you have been teaching for 20 years it is very hard not to say ‘girls,'” said Sally-Anne Huang, headmistress of the private James Allen’s Girls’ School in south London, according to The Sunday Times. Huang revealed that she has changed her vocabulary in recent years, as transgender issues have become more prominent. The headmistress said that she tries...

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University Bans Research Into Transgender Surgery Regrets

A public university in the United Kingdom has refused to allow a researcher to look into cases of people who regretted having gender reassignment surgery and transitioned back to living as their birth sex. The university says such a study “may be detrimental to the reputation of the institution,” according to a report. James Caspian, a psychotherapist, proposed to do the study for a master’s degree in counselling and psychotherapy at Bath Spa University, but was refused permission, according to The Sunday Times. The university explained that the potentially “politically incorrect” research could be criticized on the internet and thereby...

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Yale Dean Apologizes After Calling People ‘White Trash’ and ‘Uneducated Morons’ in Yelp Reviews

Yale Dean June Chu was forced to apologize after she called people “white trash” and “uneducated morons” in a series of Yelp reviews of restaurants and businesses in the New Haven, Connecticut, area. Her reviews were called “offensive” and “elitist.” Dean June Chu of Yale’s Pierson College used the terms “white trash,” “low class folks,” and “uneducated morons” to describe employees and patrons of local establishments in series of Yelp reviews, which were spread around the Ivy League university’s community last week. ‘To put it quite simply: If you are white trash, this is the perfect night out for you!’...

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