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Hollywood School Receives Budget Cuts Due to Too Many White Students (VIDEO)

Parents are left furious after Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood faces layoffs and larger class sizes thanks to a California law which limits funds for schools that have a higher percentage of white students. The Los Angeles Unified School District takes the money from the schools where the percentage of white students is above 30% and gives to schools where the percentage of white students is less than 30%. The disgusting and racist disbursement of funds has grown more irrelevant with time as the law was passed back in the 1970s to deal with desegregation. ABC7 out...

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NC School District Removes First Grade Book About Dress-Wearing Boy Following Complaints

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A school district in North Carolina has pulled a book that was set to be a part of First Grade curriculum after teachers and lawmakers complained about its content regarding a little boy who liked to wear dresses. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools had originally planned to make the book “Jacob’s New Dress” a part of the anti-bullying reading plan for Child Abuse Prevention Month. The 2014 book, written by Sarah and Ian Hoffman, is meant to teach children about those who are “gender non-conforming.” “Jacob’s New Dress” is a story about a boy who likes to wear a princess...

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Texas A&M’s first openly gay student body president to take office

Bobby Brooks decided early on not to make his sexuality a focal point of his campaign for Texas A&M University student body president. He didn’t need to. The 21-year-old junior has been openly gay since freshman year and served as executive vice president of diversity for the past year. A proud Aggie, he wanted fellow students to judge him on his campaign promises to improve student services, such as dining and transportation, and student-faculty relations. “I was open and out if anyone asked me but I didn’t talk about it in my campaign,” he told CNN. “I decided to...

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Conservative Students Violently Threatened at St. Olaf College for Supporting Trump

Conservative students at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota say they were violently threatened for supporting Donald Trump for president. The fascist left is out of control in America today. The College Fix reported: Four in five students at St. Olaf College, a Lutheran liberal arts school, voted for the Clinton/Kaine ticket in 2016, while Trump/Pence drew 1 in 10 and Johnson/Weld 1 in 20. But it’s not only that feeling of marginalization that has led conservative students to stay in the closet at the Minnesota school known for its music program, according to student newspaper Manitou Messenger: Of...

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Yale Pushing to Replace ‘Freshman’ with More ‘Inclusive’ Term

Yale University may soon formally replace the term “freshman” with “first-year student” in an effort to “reflect the values” of the institution. According to the The Yale Daily News, administrators are in favor of the more-inclusive alternative, though there is no clear timeline for when the official change will actually be made. Dean of Student Affairs Camille Lizarríbar, who has been at the forefront of the conversation surrounding the change, explained that she hopes the switch will be made “before the next academic year.” “I think there comes a time when you want to make sure that the way...

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